What is another word for downslope?

Pronunciation: [dˈa͡ʊnslə͡ʊp] (IPA)

The term 'downslope' is often used in topography to describe the sloping downward direction of a surface. However, there are several synonyms that can be used instead of downslope. Some of these include downhill, descending, descent, decline, decline, incline, declivity, and gradient. Each of these synonyms describes the direction in which the slope is heading, whether up or down. The use of synonyms is beneficial as it helps to add variety to the text, making it more interesting for the reader. Additionally, using synonyms can help an individual to better express their ideas and thoughts.

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What are the opposite words for downslope?

The word "downslope" refers to the direction of movement or inclination that is downwards. The antonym of downslope is "upslope," which means the direction or inclination of upward movement. The word "upslope" is often used to describe the direction of an upward climb or ascent. Antonyms of downslope can also include "ascending," "upward," or "climbing." These words describe the opposite of the motion or incline characterized by "downslope." Additionally, "horizontal" and "level" can also serve as antonyms to "downslope" as they describe a surface that is not inclined or sloping towards a particular direction.

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Usage examples for Downslope

A fine, drizzling rain was falling, and Sally, tired from her hard work of the day before and the long duels with the horses of the posse, went even more down-heartedly moody than usual, shuffling wearily, but recovering herself with her usual catlike adroitness whenever her footing failed on the steep downslope.
"Way of the Lawless"
Max Brand
He was downslope, and so Drew was able to bridge the distance between them very quickly - he was almost upon Felix when a third stone, bigger and faster than the others, took him in the back of the head with terrible speed, making a sound like a hammer missing the nail and hitting solid wood instead.
"Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town"
Cory Doctorow

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