What is another word for spill?

Pronunciation: [spˈɪl] (IPA)

Spill is a commonly used word that means to cause a liquid or substance to flow out of a container or spill over an area. However, there are many synonyms for the word spill that add variety and precision to your writing. Some common synonyms for spill include leak, pour, drip, splash, and overflow. Other similar words that can be used in place of spill include seep, shed, disgorge, trickle, and splatter. So the next time you need to talk about a liquid or substance being spilled, consider using one of these alternative words to keep your writing fresh and engaging.

Synonyms for Spill:

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What are the opposite words for spill?

The word spill has various antonyms, including gather, collect, accumulate, and retain. While spill generally refers to the accidental flowing or pouring of a liquid or an object, the antonyms for this word suggest the opposite: the deliberate act of holding or containing something. For instance, instead of spilling milk, one can gather or collect it in a container. Similarly, instead of spilling secrets or confidential information, one can retain or keep them to oneself. In essence, the antonyms for spill highlight the importance of control, conscious effort, and purposefulness, as opposed to carelessness and accidental actions.

What are the antonyms for Spill?

Usage examples for Spill

spill what you've got to say!
"For Every Man A Reason"
Patrick Wilkins
That's all right when you've got test tubes to pour 'em into, but you got to be careful how you spill 'em around Deep Harbor.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford
"If you don't tell me what it is-I'll-I'll spill it on the floor," I said.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford

Famous quotes with Spill

  • Eventually the story would spill over into the regular media.
    David Brock
  • However, if we examine the Canadian scene closely enough, we can see signs of this physical and spiritual rot settling into a number of our Canadian urban centres with a troubling spill-over into many of our more rural areas.
    Alex Campbell
  • A good upbringing means not that you won't spill sauce on the tablecloth, but that you won't notice it when someone else does.
    Anton Chekhov
  • New Yorkers love it when you spill your guts out there. spill your guts at Wimbledon and they make you stop and clean it up.
    Jimmy Connors
  • I feel like a human pinata. The disappointing thing is, no candy is going to spill out.
    Katie Couric

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