What is another word for plummet?

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Plummet is a verb that means to fall or drop rapidly. However, there are several synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably depending on the context. For instance, words like plummet, plunge, plummeting, drop, and decline can be used to describe a sudden or a sharp drop in something. Words like dive, nosedive, crash, and tumble can be used to describe a sudden loss of value or quality. Similarly, words like decrease, diminish, fade, and dwindle can be used to describe a gradual decline in something. These synonyms can help writers express their ideas more effectively and diversify their vocabulary.

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Plummet is a verb that means to fall or drop suddenly, usually a considerable distance. Antonyms for plummet include soar, mount, climb, increase, and rise. Soar means to fly or glide upwards while mount means to go up something such as a hill or staircase. Climb involves using your hands and feet to move up something while increase means to make something bigger or stronger. Rise means to move upward, lifting or elevating, especially when getting up from a seated or lying position. These words are opposite in meaning to plummet and can add nuance to your writing or speech.

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Usage examples for Plummet

They stood at the further end of a sort of recess, formed by the hills, which are here broken into a circular valley, cut off, to all appearance, from the rest of the habitable world; behind them rose a towering crag, as perpendicular as the drop of a plummet, from the top of which a little rivulet came tumbling down, giving to the scene an appearance of the most delightful coolness, and amusing the ear with the unceasing roar of a waterfall.
"The Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans 1814-1815"
G. R. Gleig
And, whirling over and over in midair, he dropped like a plummet.
"The Air Trust"
George Allan England
It was vacant, and his fancy sank in his mind like a plummet of lead.
"An Alabaster Box"
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley

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