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Descent is a word used to describe a downward movement or a decline in status or reputation. However, there are many synonyms that can be used to express similar meanings. Some alternatives to the word descent include decline, drop, fall, deterioration, downgrade, degradation, and reduction. These synonyms can be used to articulate a downward trend in various contexts, like the financial market, academic performance, or personal relationships. Additionally, other synonyms for descent can include ancestry, lineage, heritage, genealogy, or family background, which suggest a connection to one's familial roots or history. Whatever the context, synonyms are useful tools for expanding one's vocabulary and finding the perfect word to convey a particular meaning.

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Whenever I think about my descent from the summit of Half Dome, I am filled with awe. I must have stared up at that icon for hundreds of times throughout my childhood and early adulthood, dreaming about one day reaching the top. Summer after summer I would spend days hiking in Yosemite National Park, traipsing up a seemingly endless staircase of granite boulders, until I finally reached the summit - only to find another climber waiting there.

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