What is another word for feats?

Pronunciation: [fˈiːts] (IPA)

Feats are impressive accomplishments that demonstrate exceptional abilities or skills. One synonym for 'feats' is 'achievements', which describes successful efforts toward a particular goal or objective. Another synonym is 'exploits', which refers to daring deeds or bold adventures undertaken with courage and skill. 'Acrobatics' is also a synonym for 'feats', as it describes a display of physical agility and skill. 'Feats' may also be referred to as 'accomplishments', which suggests a sense of completion or achievement. 'Victories' are also a synonym for 'feats', which describe successful achievements in contests or battles. Other synonyms include 'triumphs', 'accomplishments', 'successes', 'conquests', and 'masterpieces'.

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Usage examples for Feats

As usual, Leo was the first to appear, doing a number of feats which were watched with close attention.
"Leo the Circus Boy"
Ralph Bonehill
That one thing after another is being met, with always the anticipation of next day's struggle, adds a thrill to the conquest, spurs one to greater and ever greater feats, and really constitutes the actual victory of such a quest.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
To study the copies that remain of such works is to be astounded by their feats of perspective.
Beatrice Fortescue

Famous quotes with Feats

  • The street to obscurity is paved with athletes who can perform great feats before friendly crowds.
    George Allen, Sr.
  • One learns little more about a man from the feats of his literary memory than from the feats of his alimentary canal.
    Frank Moore Colby
  • Women must pay for everything. They do get more glory than men for comparable feats, but, they also get more notoriety when they crash.
    Amelia Earhart
  • A bore is a person who opens his mouth and puts his feats in it.
    Henry Ford
  • The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts: to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say, "I was wrong".
    Sydney J. Harris

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