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Athletics is a term that generally refers to a broad spectrum of sports and activities that involve physical exertion and skill. There are several synonyms for athletics, each of which can be used in different contexts, depending on the sport or activity. Some of the synonyms for athletics include sports, games, physical contests, races, competitions, activities, and exercises. Each of these words conveys the same general concept as athletics but with slight variations. For example, the term sports usually refers to games played at a professional or amateur level, while physical contests refer to any form of competition that involves physical challenges, such as strength, speed, or agility.

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The history of athletics can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations. Athletics was considered a sacred activity in these civilizations and was used to bulk up soldiers for war. It was not until the 18th century that the modern concept of athletics took form. It was during this time that Sir Charles Lawrence, an Englishman, coined the term "athletic man" to differentiate between men who were fit and those who were not. In the 19th century, Abraham Lincoln developed the concept of "manliness." He believed that physical fitness was one of the most important qualities a man could possess.

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