What is another word for somersault?

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Somersault is a high-energy acrobatic move that involves flipping one's body in the air and landing on their feet. It is a fancy way to show off your agility and flexibility. However, sometimes you may need to use a different term to describe this action. Some synonyms for the word somersault are tumble, flip, aerial, cartwheel, and handspring. Each of these words can convey a similar movement but with slight variations. Tumble is a simple term and refers to a rolling action. Flip means a quick turning movement. Aerial refers to a movement that involves being airborne. Cartwheel is like a sideways somersault, whereas handspring involves propelling oneself from the hands.

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    The somersault is a spectacularly effective gymnastics move. Essentially, it is simply a jumping twist, in which the gymnast flips over on the ground, legs in the air. The somersault has many applications in athletics, as it can be used to vault over obstacles, or complete a dismount on the ground. Combined with the flip, it creates a dynamic and powerful gymnastics routine.

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