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Efforts are the actions undertaken to achieve a specific goal or task. Synonyms for the word efforts are attempts, endeavors, and striving. Striving means to make an effort to achieve something. Attempts refer to the actions taken to achieve a goal, even if they are not successful. Endeavors are actions undertaken with a lot of effort to achieve something great or difficult. There are also other synonyms for efforts that include exertion, struggle, and hard work. All these words highlight the effort put in by a person or group towards achieving a specific objective. Whatever synonym is used, it illustrates someone breaking a sweat to achieve a certain outcome.

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How to use "Efforts" in context?

Efforts are what keep us moving forward. There is no one person who can do everything, and we all need to contribute our part in order to reach our goals. Whether it's working hard at our jobs or doing whatever we can to boost our own personal productivity, these are the strategies that help us get closer to our goals. Implementing these efforts not only helps us succeed but can also improve our quality of life.

Work is important, but so is PLAY. Let's face it: if we don't get our daily dose of fun, we're bound to quit.

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