What is another word for febrile?

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Febrile is a medical term that describes a state of having a fever. In other words, it is a condition in which the body's temperature is elevated above normal. There are various synonyms that can be used instead of febrile, such as feverish, pyretic, hyperthermic, heated, and febrific. These words all refer to the same condition and are interchangeable depending on the context of usage. Other words that can also be used to describe a state of having a fever include hot, flushed, and sweaty. It is important to note that febrile is a specific medical term and is often used in a clinical setting to describe patients with an elevated temperature.

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How to use "Febrile" in context?

When a person has a fever, their body is working a bit harder to fight infection. This can make the person feel a bit cranky and tired, but it's generally a good sign that the person's immune system is working properly. Most fevers should dip below 101 degrees F (38 degrees C) and generally go down with rest and fluids. But when a fever persists despite taking care of your health, call your doctor. It could be a sign of infection, a serious complication from a medical condition, or a sign that you're pregnant.

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