What is another word for fervid?

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[ fˈɜːvɪd], [ fˈɜːvɪd], [ f_ˈɜː_v_ɪ_d]

Fervid is an adjective that refers to something that is intensely passionate or enthusiastic. Some of the synonyms for fervid include enthusiastic, ardent, zealous, passionate, intense, fervent, and fiery. These words all convey a deep sense of emotion, whether it be excitement, devotion, or dedication. Other synonyms for fervid include fervor, ardor, warmth, and zeal. These words can be used in a variety of contexts, from describing a person's feelings towards a particular cause or hobby, to illustrating the intensity of a particular experience. Overall, fervid is a powerful word that is often used to describe the most intense forms of passion and dedication.

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    Synonyms for Fervid:

    What are the hypernyms for Fervid?

    A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

    What are the opposite words for fervid?

    Fervid, which means to be intensely enthusiastic or passionate, has many antonyms or opposites that express lack of emotion, indifference and even coldness. Some of the most common antonyms for fervid include apathetic, dispassionate, impassive, stoic, cool, unemotional, lackadaisical, lukewarm, inert, and unfeeling. These terms can suggest a lack of interest or concern about something, or a detached and reserved attitude. Other antonyms for fervid may include calm, peaceful, relaxed, and tranquil, which suggest a quiet and gentle demeanor, and a state of balance and harmony. So, while fervid may be indicative of strong feelings and a sense of urgency, its antonyms reflect a wide range of emotions or lack thereof.

    What are the antonyms for Fervid?

    Usage examples for Fervid

    There is more fervid imagination and daring ingenuity than business talent in Defoe's essay; if his trading speculations were conducted with equal rashness, it is not difficult to understand their failure.
    "Daniel Defoe"
    William Minto
    The detective suddenly leaned forward across his desk, his body tense, his eyes alight with fervid animation.
    "The Crevice"
    William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander
    Still many of the latter, in their boldness of conception and expression, and in their strong and fervid morality, are expressive of the original force of the poet, and of the Roman temper of his mind.
    "The Roman Poets of the Republic"
    W. Y. Sellar

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