What is another word for frenetic?

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Frenetic is an adjective that describes something that is frantic, fast-paced, and feverishly energetic. There are many synonyms for this word, including hectic, crazy, wild, manic, frenzied, and chaotic. Other similar words that describe a frenetic pace or energy level include bustling, energetic, lively, animated, and buzzing. These words imply a sense of urgency and intensity, suggesting that something is happening quickly and with great enthusiasm. Whether you're describing a busy city street, a crowded party, or a hyperactive child, these synonyms are useful for conveying a sense of frenzied excitement or activity.

Synonyms for Frenetic:

How to use "Frenetic" in context?

Frenetic is a term that is used to describe someone or something who is busy and intense. This intensity can be exhibited in many ways, such as being constantly moving, talking quickly, and being very active. Frenetic activity can be a sign of excitement or enthusiasm, or it can be a sign of someone who is overexcited or out of control.

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