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When someone experiences an unusual condition, it is common to describe it to a medical professional as a symptom. Therefore, finding synonyms to better describe or understand the condition is important. Some synonyms for symptom include sign, indication, manifestation, marker, evidence, and cue. Sign refers to an observable trait that signifies the presence of an illness. Indication refers to a signal or clue of a condition. Manifestation refers to an expression of a disorder or disease. Marker denotes an attribute that characterizes the presence of an ailment. Evidence refers to the facts or information that corroborate a diagnosis. Cue is a signal or prompt to identify an issue. Using these synonyms can help medical professionals better understand and diagnose a patient's health conditions.

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How to use "Symptom" in context?

The word "symptom" is a medical term that refers to an individual's symptoms. Symptoms can be anything from a light fever to a serious medical condition. Symptom management is a very important part of treating a patient's illness. Doctors and other medical professionals use symptoms to diagnose illnesses and to determine the best course of treatment.

Symptom management can involve the use of medicines and other treatments to relieve the symptoms of an illness. It can also involve helping the patient to manage their symptoms by adapting their lifestyle and spending time wiht family and friends.

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