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Folds refer to creases or pleats that are formed in a material when it is bent. There are various synonyms that can be used for the word folds such as wrinkles, crinkles, rumples, tucks, crenulations, pleats, seams and corrugations. All these words can be used depending on the context and texture of the material being referred to. For example, wrinkles and crinkles are typically used for materials such as paper, clothes or the skin while tucks and pleats are used for folds in clothes or fabrics. Meanwhile, seams and corrugations are more commonly used for materials such as metal or plastic. Choosing the right synonym for folds can add depth and texture to writing describing the appearance of objects.

How to use "Folds" in context?

When you fold something, it reduces the size of the object by creating creases or bends in the material. folds are created by pressing down, pulling apart, or pushing together the edges of an object or sheet of paper. Folds can be created manually or through the use of tools.

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