What is another word for pleat?

Pronunciation: [plˈiːt] (IPA)

A pleat refers to a type of fold in fabric that is made by doubling the cloth over itself and sewing it or pressing it in place. There are several synonyms for the word pleat which can be used to convey the same idea. These include crease, fold, tuck, gather, pucker, ruffle, crimp, and tuck. Each of these synonyms expresses a slightly different variation in the type of fabric manipulation that is taking place. For instance, tucks are often smaller than pleats and create a more subtle type of fold, while gathers are created by drawing fabric together to create a loose, bunched-up effect.

Synonyms for Pleat:

What are the hypernyms for Pleat?

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Usage examples for Pleat

It may have been that suddenly she was so extremely tired-tired of the lay of the week ahead, suggested by the smells and the noises and the consciousness of that front box pleat.
"The Vertical City"
Fannie Hurst
Whence the mysterious power sprang she did not exactly know, but she surmised-rightly-that it was connected with her youth, with a dimple, with the incredibly soft down on her cheek, with the arch softness of her glance, with a gesture of the hand, with a turn of the shoulder, with a pleat of the skirt....
"The Lion's Share"
E. Arnold Bennett
Mrs. Perrigo took a corner of her shawl between her fingers and proceeded to fold and pleat it while she thoughtfully fixed her eyes on Blindway's unmoved countenance, as if to find inspiration there.
"The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation"
J. S. Fletcher

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