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Crease is a versatile word that can mean a fold or wrinkle in fabric or skin, a mark left by folding, or a line or indentation. It has a variety of synonyms that can be used to add nuance to your writing. For example, a pleat is a type of crease that is generally more defined and decorative than a simple fold. A crinkle is a small, irregular crease that can add texture or character to a surface. A furrow is a deep crease, often used to describe lines on a face or in the earth. A fold is a general term for a crease in fabric or paper, while a tuck specifically denotes a fold that has been stitched or tucked in.

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How to use "Crease" in context?

1. When you make an "x" shape with your thumb and forefinger, a crease is created in the paper.

2. The crease is the result of tension in the paper fibers and it can be used to help organize your notes, drawings, or any other documents.

3. In order to create a crease in a paper correctly, you must first establish the angle of the fold.

4. Then, you must lightly touch the tip of your index finger to the fold in question, and hold the finger there while you push down with your thumb.

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