What is another word for frowardness?

Pronunciation: [fɹˈa͡ʊədnəs] (IPA)

Frowardness is a term used to describe a person's stubbornness and unyielding nature that makes it difficult to deal with them. Synonyms for frowardness include obstinacy, intransigence, recalcitrance, bullheadedness, mulishness, and resistance. These synonyms all refer to a person's refusal to comply or be agreeable with others. Frowardness can create tension and discord in personal and professional relationships, making it important to have alternative ways to describe this behavior. By using synonyms, people can convey the same message without using the same word repeatedly. This can help to clarify their message and avoid misunderstandings or confusion.

What are the opposite words for frowardness?

There are several antonyms for the word "frowardness". One is "complaisance", which refers to the quality of being agreeable and willing to please. Another antonym is "obedience", which denotes the act of following rules or being submissive to authority. "Submissiveness" is also an antonym, implying a willing or passive attitude towards others. "Docility" is another word that contradicts frowardness, conveying a willingness to be taught or led. Finally, "amiability" is another antonym for frowardness, referring to the quality of being friendly and approachable. All these words embody the opposite of frowardness and evoke positive qualities essential for harmonious human interactions.

Usage examples for Frowardness

It should be remembered, however, when we think of this judge's frowardness, that judges in those times were dictatorial and carried matters with a high hand.
"Bardell v. Pickwick"
Percy Fitzgerald
He replied, "O woman, have patience, for he who doth evil shall be requited with evil and his frowardness shall revert upon him.
"Supplemental Nights, Volume 1"
Richard F. Burton
The new ruler gave himself up to all manner of frowardness, whereat the folk murmured and his Minister said to him, "I fear lest the Hindians take the old king and restore him to the kingship and we both come to ruin: so, if we seize him and cast him into the sea, we shall be at rest from him; and we will publish among the folk that he is dead."
"Supplemental Nights, Volume 1"
Richard F. Burton

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