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Obedience is the act of following rules and commands. Synonyms for obedience include conformity, compliance, submission, acquiescence, adherence, observance, deference, respect, and loyalty. Conformity refers to following the majority or a set of established norms. Compliance is following a specific request or demand. Submission implies acknowledging authority and obeying orders. Acquiescence is passive obedience without resistance or argument. Adherence is following a set of regulations or standards. Observance goes beyond following rules and implies reverence and devotion to traditions. Deference refers to showing respect and yielding to powerful individuals. Respect means admiring and accepting someone's authority. Finally, loyalty is a steadfast commitment to follow and support someone or a group.

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Obedience training is a skill that can be taught and learned, just like anything else. If a dog is not given enough obedience training, they may become uncontrollable and may even attack people or other animals. Proper obedience training will help to provide a happy, well-adjusted dog that responds positively to commands and enjoys being around people.

The basics of obedience training include teaching a dog to respond to commands such as sit, stay, down, and come. It is important to create a positive reinforcement system in which the reward for obedience is something the dog really desires, such as treats, positive attention, or a game.

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