What is another word for stubbornness?

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Stubbornness is a characteristic that can be both admirable and frustratingly difficult to deal with. While it can be seen as a sign of determination and resilience, it can also lead to inflexibility and an unwillingness to compromise. There are several synonyms for stubbornness, including persistence, tenacity, obstinacy, unyieldingness, and pigheadedness. Persistence suggests a steadfastness in pursuing a goal, while tenacity implies a doggedness and refusal to give up. Obstinate carries a negative connotation, implying an unreasonable and unbending attitude. Unyieldingness emphasizes a refusal to be swayed, while pigheadedness is a more informal term that implies stubbornness bordering on foolishness. Regardless of the term used, dealing with stubbornness can require patience and a willingness to find common ground.

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    Stubbornness is a trait that is often associated with an unwillingness to change or compromise. However, there are several antonyms that can be used to describe the opposite of stubbornness. Flexibility is one such antonym. Flexibility means the ability to adapt or adjust to changing circumstances. Open-mindedness is another antonym. Open-mindedness implies the willingness to consider new ideas or perspectives. Cooperation is yet another antonym that can be used to describe those who are not stubborn. Cooperation involves working together to achieve a common goal and the ability to compromise. In conclusion, while stubbornness may hinder progress, its antonyms promote flexibility, open-mindedness and cooperation.

    Usage examples for Stubbornness

    "You don't mean that, and I won't give you up," she said with fine stubbornness.
    "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
    Pauline Lester
    In this manner he will revenge himself upon you for your stubbornness, boy, which touched him deeply, and he will not lose his fame for 'mercy.
    "In Desert and Wilderness"
    Henryk Sienkiewicz
    The situation became disagreeable, and the merry play in view of the stubbornness of the elephant might have ended unfortunately.
    "In Desert and Wilderness"
    Henryk Sienkiewicz

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