What is another word for persistence?

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Persistence is a trait that is admired and respected in many different contexts, whether it pertains to personal relationships, professional endeavors, or even hobbies and interests. While persistence is often associated with determination and resilience, there are many other synonyms that can capture its essence. Some possible alternatives to "persistence" include tenacity, perseverance, steadfastness, grit, doggedness, resoluteness, endurance, and fortitude. Each of these words conveys a sense of unwavering commitment and dedication to a goal or task, and can inspire and motivate others to strive for their own success and fulfillment.

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    Persistence is a commendable trait that denotes a sense of dedication and determination to achieve a goal or objective. Its antonyms, on the other hand, suggest a lack of the same. One such antonym is "unreliability," which connotes an inability to follow through or stick to a plan or decision. Other antonyms include "give up," which denotes a lack of perseverance, and "inconstancy," which suggests a tendency to change one's mind or behavior frequently. "Inconsistency" is another antonym, indicating a lack of constancy or continuity. All of these antonyms stand in contrast to persistence and imply a negative quality in terms of achieving personal, professional, or academic success.

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    Usage examples for Persistence

    Stas was surprised at its persistence as he knew that the more strongly a storm raged the shorter was its duration.
    "In Desert and Wilderness"
    Henryk Sienkiewicz
    The hope I cling to is that she will see in my persistence a proof of sincerity.
    "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
    Charles James Lever
    I marvelled at her persistence, to say nothing of her obstinacy in getting them around to her demands.
    "I Walked in Arden"
    Jack Crawford

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