What is another word for get it on?

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[ ɡɛt ɪt ˈɒn], [ ɡɛt ɪt ˈɒn], [ ɡ_ɛ_t ɪ_t ˈɒ_n]

Synonyms for Get it on:

How to use "Get it on" in context?

"The get it on campaign was one of the most successful marketing efforts in the history of the music industry. The main goal of this campaign was to create sex appeal in the music industry, by getting young people to listen to and buy music by artists who were considered to be attractive. There was even a television commercial starring Bach singer Sarah Brightman and tennis player Andre Agassi that aired in the United States. The commercial showed Brightman and Agassi dancing together in a warehouse, and it was very popular. The commercial was very convincing, and it is believed that it was responsible for the sales of many albums by the artists involved.

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