What is another word for hump?

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The word "hump" has some interesting synonyms that can add variety and spice to your writing. It can be used to describe a bump or bulge on a surface, like a hill or a swelling. Some other synonyms for "hump" include "mound," "knob," "ridge," and "bump." These words can evoke different imagery and feelings when used in the right context. For example, "mound" suggests a softer, more rounded shape compared to "ridge," which denotes a sharper, more defined edge. "Knob" and "bump" can be used interchangeably to describe a small, protruding feature. Using synonyms for "hump" can help you create more vivid and varied descriptions in your writing.

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    The word "hump" derives from the Old English word "hūm", meaning "hill". As a noun, the word can mean either a small hill or elevation, or something that protrudes from or is more prominent on top of another object. As a verb, the word can mean to cause to incline, to rest on the chest, or to cause something to bulge out.

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