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Intermingle refers to the mixing together of different elements or individuals. Some synonyms for this word include blend, merge, mix, combine, mingle, jumble, coalesce, intermix, and commingle. These words are all used to describe the same action of combining or mixing two or more things. When individuals intermingle, they come together and interact in various ways. Similarly, when substances or materials intermingle, they combine and form a new mixture. Synonyms for intermingle provide a range of ways to express the concept of mixing and blending, enabling speakers and writers to add richness and variety to their language.

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How to use "Intermingle" in context?

Intermingling is something that most people do multiple times throughout their lives. Whether it is at a birthday party, work, or just hanging out with friends, it is important to be comfortable with who you are and who they are. Being intermingled allows for a more positive and open relationship. It allows for people to be themselves instead of calculating how someone will react. This can prevent tension and allow for smoother interactions.

We all want and need interaction. When people are forced to interact, it can be forced, unnatural, or awkward. Intermingling allows for people to interact in a comfortable setting and allows for more natural communication.

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