What is another word for glassware?

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Glassware is a category of items made of glass, ranging from drinking vessels to decorative objects. When referring to glassware, there are a few synonyms that can be used to describe the material or the object. Some other terms for glassware include glassworks, glass items, glass vessels, glass products or glassware items. They all refer to objects made of glass that are designed for serving drinks, decoration purposes or unique art. Wine glasses, champagne flutes, vases, bowls, and jars are all examples of glassware. With these synonyms, you can quickly describe a wide range of glass objects with precision and accuracy.

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    Usage examples for Glassware

    From the rear came an occasional tinkle of glassware.
    "The Gray Phantom's Return"
    Herman Landon
    With some few items of glassware, vases and pictures purchased elsewhere, Flamby's expenditure amounted to more than twenty-five pounds, at which staggering total she stared in dismay.
    "The Orchard of Tears"
    Sax Rohmer
    But there's no name blown in it,-that's important, for many dealers have their names on their glassware, and a blank bottle is conspicuous of itself.
    "The Come Back"
    Carolyn Wells

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