What is another word for bottle?

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The word "bottle" is a common term used to describe a container typically made of glass or plastic with a narrow neck and mouth, used for storing liquids. However, there are several synonyms for the word "bottle," such as flask, container, decanter, jar, carafe, and vessel. A flask is usually associated with storing alcoholic beverages, while a container is a generic term used to refer to any object used for storage. A decanter is a glass container used for serving wine, while a jar is a wider-mouthed vessel used for storing food or non-alcoholic liquids. A carafe is a glass container used for serving liquids such as water or juice, while a vessel is a general term for any object used to hold liquids.

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    Usage examples for Bottle

    In doing this he came across the bottle which had contained the chloroform Porler had used.
    "Leo the Circus Boy"
    Ralph Bonehill
    Amalia gave her mother the water that was left in the bottle she had brought with her, and lamented that she had saved so little for her.
    "The Eye of Dread"
    Payne Erskine
    I have to ride out to Kilkieran with this'-and she showed me a bottle she had in the pocket of her saddle.
    "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
    Charles James Lever

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