What is another word for glass?

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Glass is a versatile material used for numerous applications, from windows to mirrors and drinkware. However, if you're looking for synonyms for this commonly-used word, you may consider some alternatives. Some of the most popular synonyms for "glass" include crystal, crystalware, mirror, pane, glaze, and vitreous. Crystal is often used to describe high-quality glassware or decorative pieces. Crystalware is a term used to describe glasses and dishes made of crystal. Mirror, pane, and glaze are used to describe different types of glass surfaces. Finally, vitreous is a term used to describe glass materials with a glass-like texture, such as ceramics or minerals that mimic the look of glass.

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    The Russian scientist and mathematician Pyotr Kapitsa coined the term "glass" in 1824. He was using the term to describe a material that could be transparent or translucent. The modern use of the term "glass" is not limited to a material that can be see through; any material that can be broken and is not permanently Joined is termed glass. Practically any solid material that is transparent or translucent is susceptible to becoming a glass under the appropriate conditions.

    The material properties that make glass desirable for many applications are its low melting point, high Refractive Index, and low water absorption.

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