What is another word for crucible?

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A crucible is a container used for heating substances to extremely high temperatures. Synonyms for crucible include vessel, container, boiler, pot, and cauldron. The word "crucible" is also used to describe a severe test or trial, and synonyms for this meaning include ordeal, trial, tribulation, hardship, and challenge. In literature, the term "crucible" is often associated with Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible," which deals with the Salem witch trials. In this context, synonyms for crucible might include purgatory, affliction, or persecution. Overall, the word "crucible" has a range of possible meanings and is often associated with situations that test one's character or endurance.

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Crucible is an old word meaning a pot in which things like steel or bronze are heated until they are melted. Crucible is also the name of a play by William Shakespeare.

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