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Hercules is synonymous with strength, power, and might. It is a name that has been associated with superheroes, demigods, and strongmen for centuries. Synonyms for Hercules include Samson, Atlas, Superman, Thor, and Hulk, all of whom possess immense physical strength and have inspired awe and admiration among people all over the world. Other possible synonyms for Hercules may include words such as robust, hardy, muscular, brawny, sturdy, and athletic. No matter what synonym one may prefer for the name Hercules, the meaning and connotations of strength and power are universally understood and celebrated.

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How to use "Hercules" in context?

The mythological hero Heracles is celebrated for his superhuman strength and endurance. He is best known for slaying the monstrous hydra, a horrifying three-headed monster with skin as tough as bone.

But Heracles's greatest deeds were not against beasts. He was a great warrior and strategist, and led many successful raids against his enemies. He was also a skilled farmer, craftsman and musician.

Many tales are told of Heracles's feats, but the most famous (and probably the most accurate) tells of how he spent twelve Labours, striving to achieve legendary status.

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