What is another word for herculean?

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Herculean is a word used to describe a task or effort that is enormous, difficult, and requires extreme strength or endurance. Synonyms for Herculean can be found with words like enormous, arduous, difficult, formidable, laborious, and backbreaking. Other options consist of strenuous, tireless, demanding, challenging, taxing, and exhaustive. The word can also be used as a mascot and replaced with robust, mighty, powerful, or robust. Each of these synonyms describes a task or effort that is overwhelming and requires strength, endurance, or determination to complete. Overall, these synonyms express the complexity and challenge of the task before a person.

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How to use "Herculean" in context?

Herculean efforts are required to achieve great feats. One example of a Herculean task is completing a marathon. Running a marathon is a strenuous and taxing activity, but it is a testament to the human spirit and the strength of extreme training that the majority of marathon runners are able to complete the race.

Marathons are not the only type of Herculean task. Many people also refer to tasks that are extremely difficult as herculean. Climbing Mount Everest is an example of a herculean feat.

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