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[ dˈɛmɪɡˌɒd], [ dˈɛmɪɡˌɒd], [ d_ˈɛ_m_ɪ_ɡ_ˌɒ_d]

A demigod is a being that is part divine and part mortal. There are many synonyms for demigod, some of which include half-god, divine hero, semi-divine, and godling. Other synonyms include hero, deity, mythic figure, and legend. These words indicate that a demigod is a powerful and revered figure, often with a connection to religion or mythology. In some cultures, a demigod may be seen as a bridge between mortals and the divine. These words invoke a sense of awe and wonder, reminding us of the enduring appeal of demigods in literature, art, and popular culture.

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Usage examples for Demigod

One expects to capture a demigod, who hits the earth only in high places, but when she has thoroughly analyzed him, she finds nothing genuine, only a wilted chrysanthemum and a pair of patent leather shoes, while he in return expected to wed a wingless angel who would make his Edenic bower one long drawn out sigh of aesthetic bliss.
"The Jericho Road"
W. Bion Adkins
Damn it, demigod or prince, I liked Regis.
"The Planet Savers"
Marion Zimmer Bradley
And perhaps they were, but Tom Parker was no demigod.
"Flowing Gold"
Rex Beach

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