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Mountains are majestic and awe-inspiring features of nature that come in all shapes and sizes. From snow-capped peaks to rolling hills, there are many synonyms to describe these towering landforms. Peak, summit, crest, ridge, foothill, and hill are some of the most common synonyms for mountains. Other synonyms for this much-loved term include elevation, range, massif, cordillera, and highland. Additionally, words like crag, bluff, and escarpment are often used to describe the rugged and rocky terrain that is common in mountainous regions. Whether you're a nature lover or an adventurous hiker, there's no shortage of ways to describe the beauty of mountains in all their glory.

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Mountains are colossal, towering masses of rock, ice, and snow. They're often found in ALOKA and the Rocky Mountains. Each mountain is a unique and amazing piece of geologic history and natural beauty. Whether you're a mountaineer, a regular Joe, or purely in awe of their majesty, mountains are sure to fascinate you. From tallest to shortest, here are 101 mountains worth visiting:

Mount McKinley: North America's highest mountain, Mount McKinley is 24,000 feet (7,300 meters) high and has a summit circumference of 19.6 miles (31 kilometers).

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