What is another word for cowboy?

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The word cowboy is often used in Western films or novels. It is an important term that describes the people who manage cattle on ranches. However, there are various other synonyms for this term that have evolved over time. For example, in Southern Texas, the word vaquero is used, which refers to someone who knows how to ride and manage horses. In the American Southwest, the term buckaroo is used, which is often associated with the traditional Spanish and Mexican culture. The word wrangler or cowpuncher is often used to describe a cattleman too. In essence, all these terms refer to the same person who works with cattle and has a profound knowledge of horse-riding.

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    The term "cowboy" is something that is derived from Spain and used to describe someone who works on horseback in the open country. In the United States, the term is generally used to describe a person who lives on a ranch, but who may also work in other areas of agriculture. Cowboys are often the source of pride for rural communities and serve as symbols of the American West.

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