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Cavalier is a word that can embody a variety of meanings. Synonyms for this versatile term could include carefree, nonchalant, or even reckless. A cavalier attitude towards a situation might imply a disregard for the consequences or an air of superiority. Other synonyms might emphasize a person's gallantry or chivalry, such as knightly, courteous, or genteel. In some contexts, cavalier might simply imply a casual or informal approach, as in a cavalier disregard for dress codes or protocol. Whatever the connotation, there is no shortage of ways to describe a cavalier temperament or behavior.

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    The word "cavalier" is derived from the French word "chevallier," meaning "knightly charger." The term originally referred to the mounted knights who bore the arms of their dukedoms and served as bodyguard to the royal family. Cavalier is also the informal name for a gentleman.

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