What is another word for cavaliers?

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[ kˌavɐlˈi͡əz], [ kˌavɐlˈi‍əz], [ k_ˌa_v_ɐ_l_ˈiə_z]

Cavaliers are professional horse riders, who have been trained to fight in battles and protect their kings and queens. Synonyms for the word 'cavaliers' include knights, horsemen, equestrians, and lancers. In medieval times, knights were the most well-known type of cavalier, who were sworn to protect their people from danger and defend their honor. Horsemen are similar to cavaliers but may not have been trained for battle purposes. Equestrians are skilled riders trained in different styles of horse-riding, including racing, dressage, and jumping. Lancers, on the other hand, were specialized cavalrymen who used lances as their primary weapon. Despite their different synonyms, all would be expected to perform similar roles in battles and protecting their kings and queens.

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    When people think of the medieval knights, they typically think of armored horsemen with broadswords riding into battle. But there was a second type of medieval knight -- the cavalier. These were horsemen without swords, but whoWBd use their skills with horses to devastating effect.

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