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Horticulture is the practice of cultivating fruits, vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants for both commercial and personal purposes. Other words that can be used interchangeably for horticulture include agriculture, cultivation, gardening, arboriculture, and plant science. Agriculture generally covers all farming activities, while horticulture specifically focuses on the cultivation of plants. Cultivation denotes the act of preparing the soil and planting crops. Gardening is a hobby that involves growing and nurturing plants in a backyard or community garden. Arboriculture is a subset of horticulture that focuses on the care and maintenance of trees. Plant science is an interdisciplinary field that covers various aspects of plant life, including growth and development, environmental factors, and the impact of human activities.

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History of horticulture

There is evidence of horticulture going back to prehistoric times. Some believe that the practice of horticulture began with the use of plants for food, though there is little concrete evidence to support this claim. It is more likely that horticulture evolved as people began to take an interest in the cultivation of plants for their own enjoyment and for use in craftwork.

Throughout the centuries, horticulture has evolved to meet the needs of growers and consumers. One of the most important developments in horticulture was the introduction of the green thumb.

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