What is another word for posy?

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[ pˈə͡ʊzi], [ pˈə‍ʊzi], [ p_ˈəʊ_z_i]

Posy is a term that refers to a small bouquet of flowers that is often given as a gift to someone special. However, there are a variety of synonyms available to describe this charming arrangement. Some of the popular synonyms for a posy include a nosegay, a tussie-mussie, a bouquet, and a corsage. A nosegay is composed of fragrant and colorful flowers that are wrapped in an attractive paper or ribbon. Tussie-mussie is typically a smaller version of a bouquet, often featuring a single flower. The term bouquet refers to a bunch of flowers arranged together, while a corsage is a small bouquet typically worn on the wrist or lapel. Each synonym offers a unique and stunning take on a classic posy display.

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How to use "Posy" in context?

The posy (from the French word for "pot"), also spelled posy, is a small bunch of flowers, sometimes with a bow, enclosed in a border of greenery, typically used as a decoration in a vase or as part of a bouquet.

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