What is another word for aerate?

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Aeration is the process of introducing air into a substance or environment. Synonyms for the word "aerate" include oxygenate, ventilate, freshen, and aerify. Oxygenate refers to the introduction of oxygen into a substance. Ventilate involves circulating air through a space. Freshen often refers to removing stale odors and revitalizing an environment. Aerify means to make a substance more permeable or allow air to penetrate through it. Other similar words include air out, breathe, ventilate, and oxygenize, which all involve the idea of introducing or circulating air in some way. Overall, understanding these synonyms can help in conveying precise meaning and context in various situations.

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    Aerate, meaning to heat (something) to a high temperature in order to reduce its water content, is a process used to clean many surfaces, including paintings and walls. Essentially, the air is blown over the surface and the water vapor is condensed out, leaving the surface clean and dry.

    There are a few things you need in order to achieve aerate cleaning: a fan, air cleaner, and a bucket. Make sure to have the appropriate power outlet handy as well - Air Esse is notorious for blowing out outlets!

    To start, place the fan and the air cleaner in front of the bucket.

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