What is another word for farming?

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Farming is a livelihood that is grounded in agriculture, and a synonym for farming is agriculture. However, farming has evolved through the years, and there are many other terms that better describe specific types of farming. For instance, animal husbandry refers to livestock farming, aquaculture to fish and seafood farming, and horticulture to the cultivation of gardens and vegetables. Apiculture is beekeeping, mushroom farming is called mycology, and hydroponics or aeroponics refer to the growing of plants without soil. Additionally, permaculture is a holistic approach that combines different types of farming to create a sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystem. With these other synonyms for farming in mind, it is clear to see that farming is not just about cultivating crops but includes a variety of techniques and practices.

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    When you think of farming, what comes to mind? Dirt roads, tractor pulls, and acres and acres of crops. In reality, farming is a complex and diverse industry with a long and intricate history. Today, farming is a major economic driver in many parts of the world.

    Here are five facts about farming that you may not know:

    1. Farming is one of the oldest human occupations.

    2. Farming originated in Mesopotamia around 8,000 BC.

    3. The first farmers developed crops and livestock to support their families.

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