What is another word for in a frenzy?

Pronunciation: [ɪn ɐ fɹˈɛnzi] (IPA)

When someone is in a frenzy, they are in a state of great excitement or wild activity. However, it is important to have other synonyms to use in order to avoid repetitive language in writing or speech. Some alternative phrases to use in place of "in a frenzy" include "wildly agitated," "frantic," "in a state of mania," "hectic," "in a flurry," and "overwhelmed." These phrases all convey a sense of intense emotion or activity, and can add more nuance to writing or conversation. By using synonyms for "in a frenzy," one can make their language more engaging and varied.

What are the opposite words for in a frenzy?

The phrase "in a frenzy" indicates a state of great agitation or excitement. Antonyms for this expression might include words like "calm", "serene", "composed", "relaxed", "tranquil", "placid", "peaceful", "unruffled", "equanimous", or "unperturbed". These words suggest a sense of tranquility and peacefulness, and can be used to describe someone who is relaxed and composed in the face of challenges or obstacles. By contrast, "in a frenzy" suggests a state of chaos, anxiety, and high tension, and may describe someone who is overly excited, panicked, or out of control.

What are the antonyms for In a frenzy?

Famous quotes with In a frenzy

  • Our passion and principals are constantly in a frenzy, but begin to shift and waver, as we return to reason.
    Laurence Sterne
  • Take care; you know I am compliance itself, when I am not thwarted! No one more easily led, when I have my own way; but don't put me in a frenzy.
    Richard Brinsley Sheridan
  • Our passion and principals are constantly in a frenzy, but begin to shift and waver, as we return to reason.
    Laurence Sterne
  • Vehemence is the expression of a blind effort to support and uphold something that can never stand on its own... Whether it our own meaningless self we are upholding, or some doctrine devoid of evidence, we can do it only in a frenzy of faith.
    Eric Hoffer
  • I cried out. I turned the pages, one after the other, in a frenzy. I could not believe what I saw, would not believe it. For the pages of the book were blank. Oh, yes, there had been writing, this much I could see, but the inks had faded. Now there were only faint smudges and marks here and there on the yellowness. And I could tell nothing from them… It came to me, as I walked, how bitter the irony of the Book had been which had said: Herein the Truth. For it had a truth of its own in its bleached barrenness. What was truth except something which faded, lost its shape, grew unreadable and indistinguishable, at last a blank page for men to write on what they wished.
    Tanith Lee

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