What is another word for stunned?

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The word 'stunned' is used to describe a state of being overwhelmed, amazed or shocked. There are many different phrases and synonyms that can be used to convey a similar sentiment. For example, 'flabbergasted' is a synonym that implies complete surprise and astonishment, while 'dumbfounded' suggests a temporary inability to speak or act. Other words such as 'astounded', 'dazed' and 'bewildered' all carry a similar kind of shock or surprise, but with different shades of meaning. Depending on the context, other words like 'amazed', 'startled' or 'aghast' might also be appropriate as a synonym for 'stunned'.

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How to use "Stunned" in context?

When we are stunned, our mind feels unable to cope with what it is seeing. Often, this is because we are not expecting something; it catches us off guard. Other times, it may be because something is so unexpected that our brain cannot register it. Finally, there are times when a person is just very visibly stunned, their face giving away their feelings.

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