What is another word for berserk?

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Berserk, an adjective used to describe a state of uncontrollable rage or frenzy, can be replaced by alternative terms to express similar emotions. Some synonyms for berserk are frenzied, wild, insane, manic, insane, crazed, or uncontrolled. All these words suggest a loss of control and violent behavior. Berserk can also be replaced by terminologies like deranged, unhinged, erratic, unbridled, and turbulent. These synonyms indicate a sense of instability, confusion, and chaos. In summary, many expressions can replace berserk, but what they have in common is the idea of a sudden and intense burst of emotion that is difficult to control.

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    The manga and anime berserk follows the story of Guts, a lone mercenary who is tasked with avenging the murder of his father. Along the way, Guts meets a cast of colorful and memorable characters, many of whom band together to form a grand adventure that spans the seas and the skies. Berserk is a genre-bending tale that celebrates the power of violence and the fragility of life.

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