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There are several synonyms for the word "petrified". Some of the most common synonyms include "terrified", "frightened", "apprehensive", "terror-stricken", and "panic-stricken". Other synonyms for "petrified" include "horror-struck", "aflame with fear", and "shaking like a leaf". Furthermore, words like "timorous", "daunted", and "intimidated" are also somewhat related and can be used in place of petrified in certain contexts. No matter which synonym one chooses, the underlying meaning behind the word "petrified" remains the same - an extreme state of fear or terror that leaves one feeling paralyzed or unable to move.

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How to use "Petrified" in context?

Most people refer to petrified wood as something that is no longer alive. However, in some cases, petrified wood can still be alive. Petrified wood is wood that has turned to stone over time, usually as a result of a fossil-fuel emissions. The process of petrification can take anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of years.

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