What is another word for in full?

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"In full" is a common phrase used to mean completely or entirely. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to convey the same meaning. One such phrase is "in its entirety," which emphasizes the completeness of something. Another synonym is "completely," which means something is done in its entirety without any gaps or omissions. "Wholeheartedly" is a synonym that implies complete dedication or commitment. "Thoroughly" is also a good alternative as it suggests a comprehensive approach to something. Lastly, "totally" can be used to mean completely or entirely without any reservations or doubts. Overall, these synonyms provide alternatives to the common phrase "in full" and can be used to add variety to writing.

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    How to use "In full" in context?

    In full is a play written by Austin Pendleton that tells the story of Simon, a gay man in his early twenties, and his roommates, Buck and Jerry. Simon is working on his first novel, a story about a young gay man's coming-of-age in the South. While he is working on the novel, Simon lives in the house with Buck and Jerry, who are both straight. Buck is the father of two young girls and Jerry is the father of a young boy. As Simon and Buck get to know each other better, they start to develop a friendship.

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