What is another word for en masse?

Pronunciation: [ɒn mˈas] (IPA)

En masse is a phrase that denotes a group or collective action. There exist several synonyms that can be used interchangeably with the phrase, en masse. Some of them include in bulk, collectively, together, all at once, at a stretch, and simultaneously. These synonyms accurately convey the same meaning as en masse, which refers to something that is done by all members of a group or a crowd. They can be used to communicate a similar expression when the idea of a group or an entire population undertaking a task is to be emphasized. In conclusion, these synonyms offer a range of options for replacing en masse while conveying the same meaning.

Synonyms for En masse:

What are the hypernyms for En masse?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for en masse?

Antonyms for the phrase "en masse" include individually, separately, one by one, piece by piece, and by oneself. Whereas "en masse" refers to a large group of people or things acting together, these antonyms imply the opposite, indicating a sense of separation or individuality. For example, people may choose to participate in group activities en masse or opt to do their own thing individually. Similarly, objects can be moved en masse or moved separately. Considering antonyms helps to broaden our understanding of language and can assist in making precise word choices to convey meaning more effectively.

What are the antonyms for En masse?

Famous quotes with En masse

  • Teachers are sort of faced with a thankless task, because no matter how good they are, unless they find a way to personally rationalize the rewards of their effort, nobody else is really going to do it for them en masse.
    Julius Erving
  • Whoever would have guessed that in the land of cheap sausages and mashed potatoes there could be such a change which would actually bring the French from Paris every weekend to invade Britain en masse to eat great food and drink great wine.
    Robin Leach
  • War drags human beings from their tasks of building and improving, and pushes them en masse into the category of destroyers and killers.
    Scott Nearing
  • The human animal cannot be trusted for anything good except en masse. The combined thought and action of the whole people of any race, creed or nationality, will always point in the right direction.
    Harry S. Truman
  • If women would today would rise en masse and demand their emancipation, the men would be compelled to grant it.
    Victoria Woodhull

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