What is another word for in full bloom?

Pronunciation: [ɪn fˈʊl blˈuːm] (IPA)

When we talk about flowers in full bloom, it means that they are at their peak of beauty and lushness. Other synonyms for this phrase include flourishing, thriving, prospering, blooming, flourishing, and blossoming. These terms can also be used to describe a person or an organization that is experiencing a period of significant growth and success. The phrase 'in full bloom' is commonly used to describe nature's beauty, but it can also refer to a enterprise's success. Using these synonyms helps to add variety and depth to your writing and helps your reader better understand the topic at hand.

Synonyms for In full bloom:

What are the hypernyms for In full bloom?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for in full bloom?

Antonyms for "in full bloom" would include phrases such as "bare branches," "scanty blossoms," "early budding," or "unfinished growth." These antonyms refer to a state of less than complete growth or development, where the plant or flowers may be in an early stage of budding or are not yet fully formed. Other antonyms could include "wilted," "faded," or "dying," which reference the opposite state of healthy growth and vibrant beauty. Each of these antonyms offers a contrasting image to the lush, flourishing state of a plant in full bloom, emphasizing the transience and fragility of the natural world.

What are the antonyms for In full bloom?

Famous quotes with In full bloom

  • Having contemplated this admirable grove, I proceeded towards the shrubberies on the banks of the river, and though it was now late in December, the aromatic groves appeared in full bloom.
    William Bartram
  • A poet must be a psychologist, but a secret one: he should know and feel the roots of phenomena but present only the phenomena themselves in full bloom or as they fade away.
    Ivan Turgenev
  • California is the only state in the union where you can fall asleep under a rose bush in full bloom and freeze to death.
    William Claude Dunkenfield (W. C. Fields)

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