What is another word for opulent?

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[ ˈɒpjʊlənt], [ ˈɒpjʊlənt], [ ˈɒ_p_j_ʊ_l_ə_n_t]

When describing something as opulent, you're usually referring to its luxuriousness and wealth. However, if you're looking for alternative words to use to express the same sentiment, consider these synonyms: lavish, sumptuous, extravagant, grandiose, palatial, plush, rich, splendid, or deluxe. Each of these words conveys a sense of abundance, excess and luxury. In a more colloquial sense, an opulent object or setting could be described as flashy, bougie, or swanky. Depending on the context, these synonyms can be perfect for adding a descriptive flair and elevating the impression of an item or environment.

Synonyms for Opulent:

How to use "Opulent" in context?

1. opulent is a word that often conjures up extravagant images of lavish courts and magnificent palaces. In fact, opulence can refer to anything that is lavish, grand, and sensuous. This includes both visual and sensory experiences, as well as any material objects that possess these qualities.

2. Opulence can be a hallmark of a high-class lifestyle, and can indicate wealth, power, and privilege. It can also be seen as a source of comfort and security, providing a feeling of stability and satisfaction.

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