What is another word for unready?

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[ ʌnɹˈɛdi], [ ʌnɹˈɛdi], [ ʌ_n_ɹ_ˈɛ_d_i]

There are several synonyms for the word "unready". Some of the common synonyms include unprepared, ill-prepared, untrained, inexperienced, unequipped, unskilled, inadequate, unqualified, unconditioned, and unfit. Each of these words implies a certain degree of unpreparedness or lack of readiness. For example, unprepared suggests a lack of planning or forethought, while untrained indicates a lack of skill or expertise. Inexperienced implies a lack of knowledge or practice, while unequipped implies a lack of necessary resources or tools. Overall, each synonym for unready highlights a different aspect of being unprepared, making it important to choose the right word to convey the intended meaning.

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    How to use "Unready" in context?

    "You're not ready." "It's too soon." "You're not ready for this." "You're not ready for this responsibility." "You're not ready for this commitment." "You're not ready for thisanything." "You're not ready." These are all phrases that someone has said to us before and it's all the same thing. It's like the person is trying to tell us what we should do and how we should feel. They try to tell us what's best for us and judge us based on our current level of readiness. They tell us that we're not ready and that we need to wait.

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