What is another word for industriously?

Pronunciation: [ɪndˈʌstɹɪəsli] (IPA)

Industriously is an adverb that means to work hard, diligently, and with great effort. Some synonyms for industriously include assiduously, laboriously, tirelessly, painstakingly, dedicatedly, studiously, perseveringly, and conscientiously. These words all describe the actions of someone who is working hard and persistently towards a goal. Someone who is working industriously might be seen as driven, determined, and motivated to achieve their objectives. Utilizing different synonyms for industriously can add depth and variety to one's writing and can help to convey the hard work and dedication of those who strive for success.

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What are the opposite words for industriously?

Industriously is an adverb used to describe someone who works hard and diligently. The word has many antonyms, including lazily, sluggishly, leisurely, undiligently, and indolently. These antonyms reflect a lack of energy or initiative in work, as opposed to the focused and determined approach of someone who works industriously. People who work lazily typically lack motivation or drive, while those who work sluggishly may be physically slow or easily distracted. Leisurely work suggests a relaxed pace, while undiligent work may be careless or haphazard. Indolent work suggests a lack of ambition or dedication.

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Usage examples for Industriously

The two men who were in it craned their necks most industriously at the sight of a pair of lovers out so early and seated in such an unusual spot for sentimental couples.
"The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories"
Charles Weathers Bump
He knew at once who it was, and he knew she had not heard his summons at the door, for she was humming industriously, and evidently had just started to descend the stair.
"The Man from Jericho"
Edwin Carlile Litsey
It had been borne in upon Mr. Cassar that the family in Cospicua, for whom he was industriously providing, might perish of starvation while he grew rich beyond the dreams of avarice, if he could not send them any money-as he obviously could not so long as he remained where he was.
William McFee

Famous quotes with Industriously

  • Painting and music were the only things I worked at industriously and faithfully.
    Pierre Loti
  • It is not to be disguised, that a war has broken out between the North and the South. - Political and commercial men are industriously striving to restore peace: but the peace, which they would effect, is superficial, false, and temporary.
    Gerrit Smith
  • Carpe diem: i.e. seize each day, make the most of today in order to enjoy your life and yourself eventually. Because, everyday is a privilege given to you by God to utilize and maximize. Thus, never waste any day. Rather, spend everyday positively, wisely, judiciously and industriously as well.
    Emeasoba George
  • It was a symptom of the insanity of human beings in a cosmos obviously designed for them to live in, but which they industriously prepare to make unlivable.
    Murray Leinster
  • The new vision of man and politics was never taken by its founders to be splendid. Naked man, gripped by fear or industriously laboring to provide the wherewithal for survival, is not an apt subject for poetry. They self-consciously chose low but solid ground. Civil societies dedicated to the end of self-preservation cannot be expected to provide fertile soil for the heroic and inspired. They do not require or encourage the noble. What rules and sets the standards of respectability and emulation is not virtue or wisdom. The recognition of the humdrum and prosaic character of life was intended to play a central role in the success of real politics. And the understanding of human nature which makes this whole project feasible, if believed in, clearly forms a world in which the higher motives have no place. One who holds the “economic” view of man cannot consistently believe in the dignity of man or in the special status of art and science. The success of the enterprise depends precisely on this simplification of man. And if there is a solution to the human problems, there is no tragedy. There was no expectation that, after the bodily needs are taken care of, man would have a spiritual renaissance—and this for two reasons: (1) men will always be mortal, which means that there can be no end to the desire for immortality and to the quest for means to achieve it; and (2) the premise of the whole undertaking is that man’s natural primary concern is preservation and prosperity; the regimes founded on nature take man as he is naturally and will make him ever more natural. If his motives were to change, the machinery that makes modern government work would collapse.
    Allan Bloom

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