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Pelt is a verb that means to repeatedly hit or attack someone or something with great force. Synonyms for the word pelt include bombard, shower, rain, pepper, assault, hit, beat, pound, thrash, and strike. These words convey a sense of intense and swift action, suggesting a rapid and aggressive attack. Pelt may also refer to the fur or skin of an animal, and synonyms in this context include hide, fur, skin, pelt, and leather. These words all refer to the outer covering of an animal and can be used to describe an animal's fur, skin, or hide.

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How to use "Pelt" in context?

The pelt, or skin of an animal, is a thick, tough cover of hair or feathers covering the body of an animal. Pelts of different animals can have different colors and patterns, and can be used for a variety of purposes, including clothing, bedding, and decoration. A pelt can also be processed and used for leather.

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