What is another word for laterally?

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Laterally refers to movement or positioning that occurs on the side or in a sideways direction. Some synonyms for laterally include sideward, horizontal, aside, crabwise, and perpendicular. Sideward and horizontal refer to movement or positioning that occurs parallel to the ground. Aside and crabwise refer to movement or positioning that takes a sideways direction with an emphasis on deviation from the main course. Perpendicular refers to movement or positioning that occurs at right angles to the main course. In essence, laterally and its synonyms are useful in describing movements or positions that occur sideways or off the main course.

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How to use "Laterally" in context?

Laterally refers to something that is located side by side with other things, and is also less vertical than up and down. Laterally located objects can often be seen when looking at a scene from an angle - for example, if someone is standing in a driveway facing the street, cars parked in the driveway may be seen as sideways.

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