What is another word for near?

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The word "near" can be replaced by various synonyms such as "close", "proximate", "adjacent", "neighboring", "approximate" and "immediate". "Close" can be used to describe physical proximity, while "proximate" can show the exact location. "Adjacent" and "neighboring" implies that the object is situated nearby or next to another. "Approximate" is used to provide an estimation of distance or closeness, without specifying the exact location. "Immediate" implies that something is close enough to be reached or accessed quickly. Thus, depending on the context and the level of precision required, one can choose the appropriate synonym for "near".

Synonyms for Near:

How to use "Near" in context?

Near can mean a variety of things. It can refer to the objects or people that are close by. It can also refer to the spatial location of something. For example, if someone is asking you where your car is, you might say that it is near the store. In this case, near refers to the spatial location of the car.

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